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Rates & Costs

Work Type Mon-Fri
Plumbing First hr. £55,
thereafter £30
£55 £55 £100 £120
Heating, gas & oil work First hr. £65,
thereafter £35
£65 £65 £120 £140
Boiler servicing Combi *£65 *£90 *£90 *£120 -
Gas fire *£65 *£90 *£90 *£120 -
Back boiler & fire *£85 *£110 *£110 *£140 -
Gas safety certificate *£55 *£80 *£80 *£100 -
Combined gas
Combi *£75 *£100 *£100 *£130 -
Gas fire *£75 *£100 *£100 *£130 -
Back boiler & fire *£95 *£120 *£120 *£150 -
Material collected by engineer £35 - - - -
Bathroom installation From £1000 - - - -
Power flush up to 8 radiators £280
£35 per additional radiator
- - - -
Drain unblocking £80 £120 £120 £120 £150


These rates are correct at the time of publication (2012) and may be changed at any time.

Items marked with an * are fixed price, but do not include any materials costs or additional time to carry out remedial work required.

Hourly rates: All charges are per hour, with a minimum charge of one hour on all jobs, thereafter work is charged in 15 minute increments and this ensures you only pay for the time the technician is with you. All rates exclude the cost of materials. VAT is not liable on labour rates for this company at present.

Daily rate work: Charges are based on a 7 hour day and do not include any breaks taken. The charge will be reduced on a pro rata basis if less than 7 hours worked. Day rates equate to the hourly rate less 10%.

Fixed price: Verbal estimates are available from the technician or we can arrange to carry out a visit for a full written estimate if required. Some estimates may incur a charge depending on the nature and time taken to carryout the work. Any charges made can be deducted from the final invoice.

Materials: All materials supplied by JCD Heating & Plumbing Services will be charged at cost plus 20%. Collection time will be kept to a minimum and any charge will be agreed with the customer and not exceed £35. If parts are needed out of normal hours, a local merchant may open for one off fee of £45 if they have the required parts.

Travel time/costs: Any work outside the Barnstaple / Ilfracombe area may incur a charge to cover travelling time and fuel, this will normally be for one way only and not exceed the hourly rate for the work being done.

Invoice: An invoice will always be completed, showing details of the work carried out.

Payment: Payment must be made in full by cash or cheque on receipt of the invoice.